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7Kart Chassis made
Years in Business
Hours to weld each chassis
7Kart History
7kart was founded
April 2007
7Kart UK Limited based in Walkern, Hertfordshire is started by Robert Nurse and Chris Riggall and takes over production from 7Kart Limited owned by Neil Dodson and Pete Hill. Chassis production still done by Malcolm Graves at GR8 in Northampton
July 2008
7Kart UK Limited takes over all tools and equipment from GR8 and relocates the chassis manufacturing to their Walkern premises, maintaining the services of Malcolm.
October 2008
Chassis jig is now fitted with a heater to allow pre-warming of the chassis during the colder months.
November 08
7Kart MK3
The 7Kart Mk 3 is launched at Kartmania 2008. The changes are:

 Four bearing axle with torsion bar
 Wider pedals for increased comfort
 Grease nipples fitted to chassis sleeves
 Stronger throttle stop
 Revised Nassau panel mounting
 Relocated engine mounts
 Redesigned rear bumper
 Extra adjustment grooves on axle
 Fixing points for cables and pipes
 Weight bar fixings integral to chassis
 Increased caster plate material thickness

March 2008
The 7Kart classic is launched, keeping the basic Mk2 design, but adding the Mk3 benefits, including the wider pedal, grease nipples, weight post kits, re-positioned engine mounts and cable clips.
May 2009
Camber Adjustment kit launched
November 09
New body work and side pod sockets are introduced. Chassis numbers are also now stamp on the Caster Tube for extra security.
December 10
The Mark 4 is launched, retailing the Mk3 front end, and the same outer rails, but
now has reverted back to 3 bearings, with the centre bearing still separate to the rear rail.
November 14
7Kart XV
We spent 2 years developing the replacement for the MK4 and launch it at Kartmania. This was the biggest change to the 7Kart design, as we go over to the wishbone design front end, and to mark this occasion we dropped the “MK” designation and christened it the XV (roman numerals for 15, the year it was launched).
November 19
2019 7Kart X9 Launched. A year in the making, a complete new design, with every chassis tube changed or updated.
September 21
A New Era
Mal Graves hangs up his welding goggles. After a year in training Robert Nurse takes over full fabrication and welding duties.
November 21
New Logo
Launched at the 2021 Kartmania show, a new and update logo.

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