Built to lastwin.

Built to order

All karts are built to order, to allow the customers to get the kart exactly as they want it.

7Kart Repairs

We are able to repair all models of 7karts. The work is carried out by Malcolm Graves, who has been manufacturing and repairing 7karts for nearly 20 years. Due to the welding process, we are able to heat up and replaced any damaged tubes without any negative impact on the rest of the frame.

7Kart Parts

We hold all the 7kart parts in stock, which are still made in the UK to the original specification. Look no further than our online store

7Kart Refurbishment

We can offer a refurbishment service including upgrading older frames where possible. All frames that are shot blasted and powder coated are recheck after for alignment as they can twist in the heat process.

7Kart Race Preperation

We can prepare your kart ready for racing, this includes chassis alignment and the replacement of any worn parts.

Test Day Support and Development

Full test day support including setup development.

7Kart Chassis made
Years in Business
Hours to weld each chassis

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