7Kart X9 RHPK 2022 Champion

Well done to Team Spectre, on the 7Kart X9 for taking the 2022 RHPK SuperPro title with one round remaining. Congratulations to Derek, Sam, Stephen and Ben. What a fantastic performance this year, from the 8 races so far this year they got 5 pole positions, 3 fastest laps and 3 wins, giving them the title with the last round remaining.      

Silverware at BPEC

7Kart wins some Silverware at the BPEC Having started 4th, we worked our way up and took the lead Coming into the last pit stop leading, the teams in second and third had quicker pitstops which drop us to third by 7.5 seconds, we pulled back to the leaders and finished less than 4 seconds from the top step. Well done to Ben and Charlie who both drove floorless all day, in what is the most competitive championship in the UK

Kelgate stock

We are pleased to announce that we are now stocking Kelgate GTK parts in our track side support vehicle, at the RHPK and BPEC championships. This includes a complete Floating GTK system, along with pads and spares parts that you may require.

New Camber Kit

Coming soon, a new and improved Camber kit. We have been developing a new camber kit which allows you to adjust from positive to negative without the need for the inserts. This will mean that you can set the camber to any value, you are no longer limited by 1/2-degree adjustments, as the new system is a completely variable. This new system will use the current yolks, so no need to buy new yolks, so a very affordable upgrade. Watch this space……

Stock Levels

Please note the that due to the knock on from the Covid shutdowns we are having difficulty maintaining our stock levels on certain items. We are working with our various suppliers to resolve the situation, and hopefully the supply chain will return to normal soon. Sorry for any inconvenience

RHPK Round 4 – Team Spectre Win

After a great days racing at Rye in wet and dry conditions the results are as follows : Qualifying 7Kart - Top 3 in the Pro Class 7Kart - Top 3 in the Clubman Class 4 hour Race 7Kart - Top 3 in the Pro class with fastest lap 7Kart - Top 3 in the Clubman class with fastest lap Special well done to all the 7Kart teams including Custom Rods for Pole position Team Spectre win the pro class championship Universal Racing for win in the Clubman championship Helicopter services...

RHPK Round 3 – Helicoptor flying high again

After a great days racing at Rye in uncertain weather conditions, Helicopter Services take another win. In qualifying 7Kart locked out the top 6 places in the one lap shoot out with Custom Rods leading the way by nearly half second over GKD followed by Team Spectre, D.A.D, BMH Racing, and Monkey Monkey. At the end of the race 7Kart filled the top 10 position overall. The top 5 positions in the pro class was Helicopter Services first with fastest lap, Team Spectre...

Quick Release bearing Carriers back in stock

We have finally got both styles of quick release bearing carriers in stock. The standard version is now made from a higher-grade aluminium and are manufactured and numbered as a matched top and bottom pair. The premium versions have always been matched and have the added benefit of being shaped to allow more engine adjustment and are etched with our logo.

RHPK Round 2 – Brilliant day for 7Kart

Well done to Helicopter Services for the grand slam at round 2 of the RHPK, taking pole position, winning the race, and getting the fastest lap in the Pro class, their pace was fantastic all day. 7Kart had the top 4 positions out of the 5 finishers in the pro class, with Custom Rods in second, Team Spectre in third and Zingrae in fourth. In the Clubman class 7Kart also locked out the podium with a great win by Universal Racing getting...