XV Chassis

7Kart XV

The latest 7Kart XV chassis was created based on the feedback from some of the best Pro-Karters in the country. Tweaked and perfected thanks to the success of the MK4.


When we decided to design a replacement for the MK4, our main brief was to make a lighter kart.

Having looked at various options we concluded that the best way to achieve this without compromising the performance of the kart, was to move away from the longitudinal tube design used by 7Kart, since its beginnings back in 2001, and use the more common wishbone front end design.

We tried different variants of the design until we were happy with the performance, and so the XV was born.

Having achieved a 3.5 kg lighter kart, we launched the XV for the 2015 season. The kart proved an instant success. The XV was light and easy to drive, very compliant over kerbs and easy to set up for any track in all conditions, wet or dry. The kart has had and is still having great results all over the country, winning races and championships at all levels.

In 2017 we had our first XV exported to Australia, and the team have gone from mid-pack runners to front-runners overnight, and cannot believe the difference over their old kart.


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